Watch Capital Cities’ History Of Dance In ‘Safe And Sound’ Video

During a recent interview with Los Angeles electro-poppers, Capital Cities wound themselves in microphone cables as they attempted to show us how to do the Capital Cities Shuffle. The display was nothing short of proof that the duo are prepared to bust out their slick moves at a moment’s notice.

The band’s concerts have been “nothing short of dance parties,” said one YouTube viewer, who saw them in Phoenix recently.

Dancing with Strangers, reads the marquee above the historic Downtown Los Angeles theater. And, that’s just what bandmates Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian did during their new video for “Safe and Sound” — they danced with strangers, a theater full of them.

As if hit with a bolt of lightning, the Downtown theater is electrified and and comes to life both with famous black and white film stars and modern day dance acts, all showcasing a myriad of dance styles through the years. From 1920s swing to the modern-day B-Boy, Capital Cities showcases as many popular dance styles as they can cram into the four-minute video. Watch below.

In a Tidal Wave of Mystery will hit stores June 11 on Capitol Records. Meanwhile, Capital Cities is on a U.S. tour through June 22, followed by several Canadian dates.


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