Justin Bieber Forced To Give Up Pet Monkey, OG Mally

It’s official: Justin Bieber plans to give up OG Mally.

After losing his capuchin monkey at the Munich airport earlier this month for being unable to produce the proper documentation to bring the pet into the country, Bieber was forced to give up Mally to a German animal shelter while he continued on his tour.

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Now, the singer is reportedly giving up the monkey, which he received as a gift from producer Jamal Rashid, for good. According to E! News, Bieber’s management contacted the shelter via email, revealing that they will not be coming back to get Mally. The representative of the shelter noted that they would still need an official document from Bieber’s camp explaining his decision.

OG Mally (Photo: Christof  Stache/AFP )

OG Mally (Photo: Christof Stache/AFP )

The shelter says it hopes to find Mally a good home and not a zoo that will try to capitalize on the primate’s fame. The final decision though will be left up to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.

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Bieber’s decision likely comes as a result of his inability to bring the capuchin back to his Georgia or California homes — legally, that is. Neither state allows the private ownership of monkeys as pets.

So far, no comment from Bieber himself, whose Twitter has been bereft of any comments about his (former) pet.

-Kevin Rutherford, Radio.com


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