Zedd And The Art Of The Remix

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Russian-born DJ Zedd (proper name: Anton Zaslavski) may be best known to pop audiences as one of the producers behind Lady Gaga’s forthcoming and much-anticipated ARTPOP. Or as the guy almost didn’t let Justin Bieber have the beat for “Beauty And A Beat.” Or as a friend and partner-in-arms with Skrillex.

The DJ has also done a number of interesting remixes and, in fact, a remix contest on Beatport is where he started making a name for himself. In an interview with, he broke down the art of making the best possible remix.

“It is different every time. A lot of people try to make [a song] sound better,” Zedd said. “A lot of people, I don’t know, try to make it a radio hit when they remix. For me it’s always been important, if I do a remix, it has to sound like me. If you play it to someone who knows the original, he has to be able to say, ‘It’s a Zedd remix.’ However your want to get there, that’s the one thing I can tell people. If you’re doing a remix, just try to make it your interpretation of the song.”


He considers aping the successful techniques of other remixes to be boring and, even more surprisingly, doesn’t let the person the song belongs to have any input into his remix.

“I usually don’t have any sort of interaction with the artist because it’s — as soon as I agree on doing a remix, it’s my song.”

Zedd says he treats every remix like his own songs. Where he’s pull together the elements, from production and beats to vocals and effects he treats a track to be remixed the same. A fascinating thought when it comes to Lady Gaga, who Zedd has remixed. The pair are obviously both very creative and that remix insight gives us an idea of the level of trust between the duo.

“I recently did a new version of a song, I don’t even know what the original was,” Zedd admitted, shining a light on the lengths and bounds his control spans over a remix. “I took what I liked and I make it my own.”

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