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The Band Perry

The Band Perry (photo by Kurt Wolff/

Kurt Wolff
Kurt Wolff
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In the first edition of our new Essentials video series, goes behind the scenes with The Band Perry, three siblings from Mississippi who have just released their second album together, Pioneer.

The first single from Pioneer, “Better Dig Two,” already hit the top of the charts, and the second single, “DONE.,” is well on its way, too.

Pioneer is a strong, confident move forward for the trio, mixing neo-traditional acoustic instrumentation and tinges of Southern Gothic heritage with a big, bold, radio-friendly sound that makes plentiful use of electric guitars.

As Kimberly Perry tells, the band members regularly feel that “the boldest forward is the right step forward.” And so on Pioneer, that boldness includes the instrumentation. “One thing that’s distinct from the first record,” Kimberly continues, “is we have a lot more electric guitars” on Pioneer.


In our Essentials profile, the Perry siblings talk about the process for recording Pioneer, which included working first on songwriting and song selection with Rick Rubin in L.A., and then turning back to Nashville to record and complete the album with producer Dann Huff.

“But both halves of that, the Rubin half and the Huff half, made this album happens,” says Kimberly.

“He came out to see us live,” says Reid, “and that really readjusted everybody’s mindset.”’s Annie Reuter feels songs like “DONE.” could be the crossover connection that win the band new audiences on pop radio. And Entertainment Weekly‘s Grady Smith feels that Pioneer could be “massive” this year. And if the early success of the first two singles are any indication, both their instincts could easily prove correct.

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