How Elvis Presley And Quentin Tarantino Influenced Gin Wigmore’s New Record

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(Phil Walter/Getty Images)

(Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Annie Reuter
Annie Reuter
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Inspiration often comes from unlikely places. For New Zealand singer Gin Wigmore, her new album Gravel & Wine took a new turn when she traveled down South to Elvis Presley’s old stomping grounds.

“It’s a whole new world really, the history of music. For me, I learned about Elvis for the first time which is pretty impressive,” she confessed. “I never knew what the big fuss was with Elvis. I never got why there were these crazy fans who dedicated their lives to this man.”

Wigmore explained that going to Memphis and visiting Sun Studio and Graceland helped her understand who Presley was and his impact on the music world.

“He was a total King. I really learned a lot about his showmanship and how it was a show. He put on cool suits and was a performer,” she said. “I listened to so much of his music and I think that really rubbed off on me for this record.”

Her latest Butch Walker produced album explores dark characters and weaves empowering messages throughout each song. While her music videos bring to mind Quentin Tarantino, the comparison isn’t far off as Wigmore is a big fan.

“I’m obsessed with Quentin Tarantino and right before this record I was watching film noir and black and white movies. The Night of the Hunter and all these old slasher films, real character based films,” Wigmore said.

She explained that it was these films that got into her head and the act of taking on a new character within each song.

“I think you’ve got to do your homework before you write a record. You’ve got to go and visit places and get some stories, have some experiences, write some things, take yourself out of your comfort zone and then you can write something really fresh and new and inspiring,” she said.

An eclectic release, Wigmore describes Gravel & Wine as “spaghetti western cowboy rock & roll with a chorus.”

“You can always sing along to something,” she said. “It’s just fun, it gets you moving. It gets you going.”

But don’t think her new album will be too dark.

“It’s always interjected with really fragile and beautiful soft moments where you can reflect and think about things and I think that’s nice to chuck in there as well.”

Gin Wigmore’s new album Gravel & Wine was released today (April 2).

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