Cher Lloyd: Closet Country Music Fan

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(Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

(Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

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When you think Cher Lloyd, the first things that come to mind are her sassy songs and those faces she pulls on stage. While most might imagine Lloyd’s songwriting lineage travels on a direct line from Lily Allen and early Kate Nash, the singer told a different story in a recent interview. The story of how she grew up loving country music.

“Growing up, I listened to a lot of country music with my mom. She’d be doing the washing up and I’d sit on the kitchen counter and she’d make me sing for her. She’d tell me to sing this Dolly [Parton] song or this Dolly song or Patsy Cline’s song and I loved to do it.”

A lot of people’s formative music experiences come from their parents’ record collections, but Lloyd turned her mom’s love of country music into an inspiration in her own career.

“I feel that with country music, there’s a certain aspect of it that sounds more like a story. Every country song has a meaning to it and there’s a purpose why it was written. I find that inspiring as a writer and an artist. To be able to listen to stuff like that and get inspiration form it, it’s great.”

Those moments of sass in Cher Lloyd’s song choices take on a new meaning, knowing she’s a country fan. Where once we heard British sass, now it’s easy to see a bit of the plain-spoken Loretta Lynn peeking through.

Lloyd’s is currently taking over the state of Texas for the week (March 18-24), making an appearance at Hot 95.7 in Houston and other Lone Star locations.

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