Let Richard Marx Soundtrack Your ‘Me-Time’

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Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI

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Richard Marx has soundtracked the lovemaking of couples all over the world for far too long. Now he wants to serenade all those lonely people out there.

In a new Funny Or Die video, Marx advertises his latest CD, Richard Marx’s Soundtrack for Self-Pleasure, explaining, “I’ve lost count of the many couples who have come up to me and told me I’m there go-to music for making sweet, sweet love. But what about those who don’t have a significant other?”

Well, he’s got the perfect album (in a special non-slip case) for you.

In the clip, which seems to resemble a Meat Loaf video, Marx explains that all of his songs can be used to score your “me-time.” From adding “for me” to the chorus of “Right Here Waiting” to just adding a few well-placed air quotes to his hit “Hold On The Nights,” he’s found a way to make it special for the loners.

It’s even been getting some rave (fake) reviews from music publications like Pitchfork, Spin and Rolling Stone, who wrote, “With this album Richard Marx has got your back, so you can concentrate on your front.”

It’s clear Marx doesn’t mind poking a little fun at his own expense. In 2011, the singer did a (real) commercial for the Fountain of Health Medical Center and Spa. He not only wrote the jingle , which was about getting a colonic, but got his own colon cleaned in the clip.


Marx understands, though, that sometimes a joke can go too far. He told that he asks himself three things before he signs on to something out of his wheelhouse: Is it funny to him? Is it offensive to people? Will it show a different side of him?

The singer says he has gotten a reputation as a very serious singer/songwriter, but ultimately wants to prove people wrong in that regard (see: his Twitter account). He doesn’t even mind if people laugh at him, but he hopes in time they’ll learn to laugh with him.

“If I had a choice to be seen as a serious singer songwriter or have people view me and say he totally get the joke, he’s funny,” Marx said, “I’d take that.”

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