Justin Timberlake Imitates Michael McDonald, Alongside Michael McDonald

Last night (March 13) on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon and this week’s musician-in-residence, Justin Timberlake, donned the monstrous white coifs and dad suits (but not ties) of Michael McDonald for a very adult-contemporary version of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Both Timberlake and Fallon, who have proven to be oddly-skilled mimics, pulled out on-the-nose impressions of the Doobie Brothers singer. But the performance was absolutely made when McDonald himself showed up.

McDonald is no stranger to self-deprecation, having appeared in a few episodes 30 Rock, so it wasn’t a total surprise when the crooner appeared as the third voice in a heavily harmonized white-funk version of the children’s song.

Later in the show, Timberlake appeared alongside Steve Carrell in an absurdist skit that involved lots of mannequin arms, excellently awkward references to both Lance Bass and Joey Fatone, and lots and lots of giggles.

Timberlake’s stay on Late Night is proving to be as fruitful, if not a bit fresher, than his recent SNL performance. Earlier in the week, he brought “SexyBack” back with a barbershop quartet, and each night he’s performed spot-on versions of tracks from his upcoming The 20/20 Experience. JT’s got two more days on Late Night, so who knows what will happen. Maybe he’ll perform in a trio with Sir Paul McCartney? cleardot Justin Timberlake Imitates Michael McDonald, Alongside Michael McDonald

– Shane Barnes, Radio.com


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