Is Selena Gomez’s New Song About Justin Bieber?

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(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPN)

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPN)

Annie Reuter
Annie Reuter
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Selena Gomez has been making the media rounds dishing on love and showing off impressive choreography while insulting douche bags everywhere. She also released a new song that just might be about Justin Bieber.

“Rule the World” leaked earlier in the week, so Gomez decided to officially share it with her fans late last night (March 13). While she hasn’t decided if the song will end up on her new album, one thing is certain: the club track is a breakup anthem bound to have everyone singing along.


Here are five lines that make us think the song is about her recent split with the Biebs, especially with him being out of the country and on tour over the past few weeks.

1. “Trying not to roam but you’re so far away”

2. “I’m conscious but I’m lonely, halfway dead”

3. “Our love was made to rule the world/You left me wanting what we were”

4. “I try to tell myself this pain would go away”

5. “Forget forever, forget you ever knew my name”

Gomez’s new album is due for release later this year. While she’s been keeping details of the LP a secret, she’s said that Skrillex and Taylor Swift have had a big influence on her recording process.

“Taylor inspires me – not even in music, just in everything that she does. She’s such an incredible person,” Gomez told MTV. “Skrillex was a big inspiration because he did the score of Spring Breakers, so being a part of that and meeting him and watching Spring Breakers a thousand times through festivals and stuff, you kinda get hooked on it.”

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