Chris Brown Threatens Valet Over $10 Parking Fee: ‘Give Me My Keys’

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(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/KevinWinter)

(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/KevinWinter)

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Erik Parker
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Don’t mess with Chris Brown‘s car, his parking spot or his keys. After he left a charity event in Studio City, California Wednesday (March 7), the singer threatened a valet and ignored requests to pay the $10 parking fee.

The ordeal was caught on camera by TMZ, and Brown can be seen in the video, nose-to-nose with the valet, demanding his keys.

“Gimme my f****** keys,” Brown said. When the valet asks for payment, Brown issues a threat.

“F*** your $10, give me my keys,” he said. “We gonna turn this whole spot up, I promise you.”

Cooler heads prevailed when a member of his entourage apparently paid the money and the valet released Brown’s keys. Brown hopped into his pimped-out Viper and proceeded to exit the lot.

This latest episode can be added to a string of violent outbursts dating back to his 2009 violence against girlfriend Rihanna. In that dispute, it was reported that she had thrown his keys before he became violent.

Just this January, Brown and singer Frank Ocean came to fisticuffs over a parking spot at a Los Angeles recording studio. In 2012, he got into a bottle-throwing fracas with Drake.

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