Mindless Behavior Go ‘All Around The World’

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(Interscope Records)

(Interscope Records)

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Sometimes all you need to make a very watchable music video is a beautiful setting, lush cinematography and hot dance moves. Mindless Behavior drive the point home in their new video for “All Around The World.”

Taking place largely in the wood paneled ballroom of a mansion, with a few exterior shots capturing a stunning coastline, the guys croon about looking all around the world for you — and this time the you isn’t just girls.

“This album is about trying to find not just girls but our team,” Princeton said in a behind-the-scenes shoot for the video. “Our peers, boys and girls, it’s a team evolution.”

And while some ladies do appear, as they must, the real stars of the video are the dance moves. The boys are styled in what Princeton refers to as their “agent outfits.” Black suits with a closely tailored pant and minimal cuts, paired with a crisp white shirt and skinny black ties. The wardrobe is well suited to their complex dance routines, which would not shine as brightly if they were buried under a world of poorly tailored, casual clothes.

“All Around The World” is the group’s calling card for their forthcoming 3D film of the same name, as well as the deluxe edition of their sophomore album. All Around The World is in theaters in March 15.

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