3OH!3 Take Control Of ‘Omens’

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After a three year wait, 3OH!3 have announced the release of their next album, Omens. The album has a street date of June 18, but the truly hardcore can place their orders on their website starting on the newly dubbed 3OH!3 Day:  3/03/13. The strategically chosen day will also see the release of their new single, “Back To Life,” but only after fans accomplish a list of 303 tasks from the band.

The guys stopped by and gave us some insight into what to expect on this album. The first thing you need to know is there are no Katy Perry or Ke$ha guest starring moments. The second thing you need to know is that the two misters of 3OH!3 are finally doing it (all) for themselves.

“For this record, it was cool, we came full circle. It all started in a basement in Colorado…and then for Omens it went back to a basement in Colorado: my studio in Colorado,” said Nathaniel Motte. “It was cool, for the vast majority of this record it was just Sean [Foreman] and I. We did some collaborations, definetly on a few songs, and those collaborations were very organic and easy and fun to do. But really, from mixing all but one of the tracks on the album to producing and engineering and everything we consciously took everything back to just me and Sean.”

All this freedom lent itself to a return to form for the guys as songwriters also. While they did team with Greg Kurstin, the man behind Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” for some tracks, they took the songwriting reins firmly in hand for Omens.

“We had learned a lot in all of the co-writing sessions that we’d done in the past few years, in terms of technique and songwriting. So to be able to isolate ourselves and apply that — the way we write, when it’s at its best, is that we have fun and experiment and try to make something that sounds interesting to us, new to us and that we have fun making. Hopefully we can extrapolate that to a bigger forum that applies to fans of our music as well. If we just trust our aesthetic and do that, that’s when we have the most fun making music and I think that usually translates.”

3OH!3 will join the Warped Tour for select dates this summer, starting on June 30 in Denver.

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