Train’s Pat Monahan Celebrates His Birthday With A ‘Mermaid’

Pat Monahan isn’t only enjoying his birthday this week, he’s celebrating the release of Train’s latest video for “Mermaid.”

The singer, who turned 44 on February 28, told that the band’s latest single off of 2012’s California 37 was inspired by his wife, Amber, whom he calls his true love.

Monahan said “Mermaid” was about going to the Puget Sound and seeing that special someone. “She’s my mermaid,” he said. “She’s my beauty in the water.”

For the video, though, Monahan opted for Hawaii’s tropical locale instead of the chilly Washington waters. Filmed around the NFL’s recent Pro Bowl game, the clip features one beautiful woman who may or may not be a real lady of the sea, along with Daniel Dae Kim from Hawaii Five-O and a few well-known football players like Adrian Peterson, Zane Beadles and John Moffitt.

Monahan explained that every song he writes, at least the happy ones, are love letters to his wife. For fan’s though, Train’s music embodies the classic pick-up lines that any woman or man would be flattered to hear.

But when it comes to the sweet nothings Monahan would like whispered to him, he opts for the simple words of Blossom Deary.

“She sang a song called, ‘I Like You, You’re Nice,'” he said. “And I thought, ‘I just want a girl to say that to me: I like you, you’re nice.’ So simple and so lovely.”

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