Chris Brown Crashes Diddy’s Party With New Rap Song

Chris Brown debuted his new rap song at a Hollywood party for Diddy on Tuesday (February 26). Brown was reportedly accompanied by Rihanna for the evening and delivered the expletive-laced lyrics to the delight of Supperclub attendees.

The impromptu performance, which was captured on video by SkeeTV, shows Brown in a sea of partygoers as he drops his lines with gusto.

“Every n**** in the hood see the same h***/ With the same friends all they do is change clothes/…If you f****** for your rent, you a lame h**”

Details about Brown’s forthcoming album have been scarce. In November ’12, he posted to Instagram an image of himself sketching a picture that shows sharp fangs (or spikes) atop the head of a cartoon character and a stamp of an “X” prominently placed at the center of the page.

His caption read: “New album coming soon! ‘X’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Last week, Brown gave the public some information with a press release that said he will be reconnecting with producers Timbaland, Danja and Diplo for the new album.

He also recently released a video for the song “Home” to his MechanicalDummy site. It is described in the post as a “brilliant introduction” to the new set. But he has not confirmed what material will be on the album.

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