Austin Mahone Strips Down ‘Say You’re Just A Friend’

Austin Mahone has a legion of dedicated fans and revealed that he wouldn’t be opposed to casting one in his next music video.

“I would definitely let a Mahomie be the lead girl in my music video,” he said. “Maybe that will happen some day in the future.”

Yesterday he released the piano version of his latest single “Say You’re Just a Friend” sans Flo Rida, and the video has already racked up nearly 120,000 views.

A major departure from his radio single, Mahone loses the club beats for the piano, instantly transforming the track to a ballad.

VEVO’s latest Lift Artist, Mahone chatted with fans and revealed that he had a blast shooting the music video for the song with Flo Rida.

“The most fun I’ve had shooting ‘Say You’re Just A Friend’ was getting to interact with Flo Rida and working with him,” he said. “He’s a super cool dude, very talented and humble.”

Mahone continues to enjoy a busy 2013, as he gears up for a tour with Taylor Swift.

“I’m looking forward to going on tour with Taylor Swift the most,” he said. “One, because I’ve never been on tour before and two, it’s Taylor Swift. So, I’m super excited for that.”

Catch Mahone on Swift’s RED Tour starting May 4.

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