Camryn Says It’s ‘Now Or Never’

“‘Now or Never’ is a song about forbidden love but also about saying, ‘It’s now or never. We have to do this now,'” Camryn told

Camryn follows her own advice as she’s currently touring the world with One Direction on their Take Me Home European Tour.

Her single “Now or Never” from her forthcoming debut album out later this year follows the same mentality as living in the moment.

“I feel it was the perfect time when we released it. So, it’s kind of saying, ‘Hey let’s do this now because we don’t know about tomorrow,'” she said. “It’s our time. If we want to make this happen, let’s do it.'”

On the road with One Direction, Camryn previously told us fans would be surprised to learn the guys are pretty shy. “A lot of the times all you hear is, ‘Oh, they’re so crazy!’ They are crazy but they’re sometimes really shy so that shocked me,” she said.

Camryn’s first album will be released later this year.

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