Britt Nicole Talks Role Models

Britt Nicole’s latest single “Gold” embodies an uplifting message that tells listeners how to deal with the inevitable bad day. After she released the track she received messages from fans telling her what they’ve been dealing with.

A role model in her own right, sat down with Britt Nicole and asked her who some of her biggest inspirations are.

“Number one, I like artists that are really passionate about what they are saying and are really authentic,” she said. “Taylor Swift is someone who is very real in her songwriting. I respect her as a songwriter. I think she’s very good at just sharing her heart and what’s going on in her life.”

Another performer she looks up to is Mary J. Blige.

“Then there’s artists like Mary J. Blige, who is very passionate,” she said. “I went to one of her concerts. I remember watching her and going, ‘Man, she really believes in what she’s singing and what she’s saying and I can feel it right here (points to her heart.)’ That really means something to me. So I really respect artists like that.”

Nicole admits she’s a fan of artists from many different genres.

“I grew up listening to all kinds of music from pop to Christian music to rap to worship music to country. I mean everything,” she said. “Actually, when I made my first record they were like, ‘Who the heck are you?'”

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